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La siguiente es la experiencia que tuve con un dilecto en Medellín, Carlos Munera, él administra un blog de buena reputación en su propio medio y luego de dejar un comentario me imagino que el autor estaba pensando solamente en sus lectores locales como es el caso de nuestro querido Loja en dónde dicho sea de paso, una lectora que no entendió lo que a ella le interesaba, nos pidió y hasta se ofreció guiarnos en la forma cómo agregar la sección de traducción a dicho blog. Gracias a todas estas experiencias hoy estamos tambien incorporando la sección TRADUCIR a este blog porque pensamos que más de un lector aterrizará en Spanish readers’ Blog pero no será precisamente un visitante que entiende español.

Welcome, this is a link where you can get the facts of this blog in English: WindowsLiveTranslator!

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  1. I live in the USA and I have traveled to Quito many times. The reason I am blogging is that I really need help to find out if my former husband has any corporations registered in Quito Ecuador. He has abandoned his two minor children, and he does not take any financial responsibility. His time with his children, is less than minimal.
    If I can show that he is doing business in Ecuador, this will help my case here in the USA. I really need some guidance.

    In the USA, children have legal rights and it is the parents responsibility to provide and take care of their children. I know that my former husband has, and does have business in Quito Ecuador. I am interested to find out if he has any companies registered with the Superintendence of companies in Ecuador. He would be the only stock holder. He is an exclusive registered agent for companies in Chili and he uses his lawyers address in Quito as his office location. He is clever. Is there a way I can search for this information, or do I need to hire a lawyer in Quito? I hope some one may have some guidance. Thank you.

    His name is Carlos Leopold Crespo

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