Dedicado a la persona que amo

No pocas veces a uno le resulta ese dolorcito en el estómago que precisamente sientes cuando estás frente a alguien que te gusta. Pero lo mas importante no radica ahí sino que aún el mas experto e inteligente sucumbe por las ‘bobadas‘ del amor. Cuánto conoces a tu media naranja?
One can never really understand a person until you know their sexual preferences and how that life is expressed in private

Para completar el desliz de hoy permitidme adjuntar algo que me llegó por correo y que me parece simpático:

You are like the sunshine so warm,you are like sugar, so sweet…you are like you…and that’s the reason why I love you!
Love is like war…****Easy to start…****Difficult to end…****Impossible to forget

Do you believe in Love at First Sight****Or do I have to Walk by Again??:
A Friend is Sweet when its NEW****Its Sweeter when its TRUE****But you know that its the sweetest when it is U

Kisses Spread germs and germs are hated Kiss(K) me baby cuz em vaccinated

My calculations are U+ME=US!

Make love not war, on the bed, not the floor.

Published by Milton Ramirez

Business lead transforming U. S. communities with entrepreneurship solutions and small business analysis and development.

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