Sabes que es ecua, si………..

Usted puede agregar mas a la lista y lo encontré en la magia negra de mi sangre, creo que es un tanto divertido:

1. You know the meaning of ”no da pie con bola”

2. You have ever used your nose or lips to point something out.

3. You have ever drop food on the floor, picked it up, and ate it after saying ”lo que no mata engorda”

4. You have ever been hit with ”el cinto” a ”chancleta” or ”un tareco”

5. You can dance merengue, rumba, salsa, anything…without music!

6. You use ”manteca” instead of olive oil, and still cant figure out why your butt is getting bigger

7. You have at least 30 cousins

8. You have been on a 2 passanger car, with over 7 people in it, and still a person shouting ”caben mas”

9. You have been on the USA for 10 years and still dont speak english

10. You go to your family or friend’s funeral to tell jokes and socialize

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