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English is a predominant language at the Web but look for it and you may find blogs in all languages including Spanish. In blog directories, we do not see tangible evidence of blogs about educational issues. However, during my hunt, I have seen educational blogsphere growing exponentially. Blogging in the classroom is not an economic hobbyhorse yet, but one can see some blogs with sponsored ads at least.

Spanish Readers Blog, intends compiling a list of blogs by teachers and non-teachers, just normal people who likes to write about education. This does not imply that these are the best or busiest blogs published by educators, although in some instances, they might be, nor is the list conclusive. The list is intended to showcase blogs by teachers to teachers. Moreover, blog worth attention will be reviewed here.

Email me or leave your blog URL in comments. Also, add any other educational blog that you might have noticed and it is yet here.

Published by Milton Ramirez

Business lead transforming U. S. communities with entrepreneurship solutions and small business analysis and development.

4 thoughts on “Add your blog here

  1. Hola Milton:

    Desde hace algun tiempo vengo viendo que tu blog no se ve bien con el navegador “Mozilla Firefox” -revisalo en cuanto puedas.

    Y saltando de coles a nabos, avisame si sabes de alguna buena oferta de pasajes aereos a Guayaquil.



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